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Design and Manufacturing


Design and manufacturing center of crankshafts and special parts of up to 1.20 m long. x


Our engineers develop the specifications for your part. State-of-the-art software is used: We make 3D models and manufacturing schematics (CAD). You approve the whole development and after that, using computing-assisted technologies (CAM), we prepare the programming of our automatic machines.

UHigh-quality national and imported materials are used, and we provide their relevant composition certificates. Qualified personnel certify 100% of the materials by performing an ultrasound inspection before starting the process.

s per the need of each part, standardization, quenching and tempering and stress relief thermal treatments are carried out.
Also thermal treatments of morbid gas and ion nitriding are performed to provide the parts with the surface hardness required in each case.

We have modern automated machinery (CNC) which allows us the mechanization of parts of up to 1.20 meters long. In case of crankshafts and shafts, we deliver ground, polished and balanced parts. At the inspection center, and with the supervision of the quality control sector, we make sure that the specifications are followed throughout the process.


High-performance Crankshafts for Competition
We manufacture special high-performance crankshafts for competition which are used in the most demanding categories such as Rally, Rally Cross, and Turismo Carretera, as well as in other local categories. We also produce crankshafts for special enhanced cars used, for instance, to run the Quarter Mile race.

Compressor Crankshafts for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Vehicular Natural Gas (NGV) of high durability
Some of the models manufactured: Compatible crankshafts Knox Western, models TP145 and TP245; Compatible crankshafts ASPRO, models IOM 115, IOM 70, SCA 50; Compatible crankshafts SAFE, model 77703-1; Compatible crankshafts NUOVO PIGNONE, model 2VBTN3.

Compressor Crankshafts (for Natural Gas or Cooling) and Rocker Joints
Some of the models we manufacture: Compatible compressor crankshafts Worthington, models HB9, HB11, BDC 8,5; Compatible Rocker Joints Crankshafts Cameron, model 314.

Crankshafts for Pumping and Dispenser Equipment (Oil, Gas and Food Industry)
Some of the models we manufacture: Compatibles crankshafts FE Myers, model D65-20DDR; Compatibles crankshafts FBF, model FBF008P.

Special Crankshafts: For prototypes, for remodeling vehicles, or as discontinued spare parts

  • Crankshafts for boat engines.
  • Some of the models we manufacture: Compatibles crankshafts Volvo Penta, series 2001 FL8600
  • Crankshafts for special prototypes.
  • Crankshafts for vehicle refurbishing.
  • Some of the models we manufacture: Compatibles crankshafts Hudson, model Super Six 1927
  • If no manufacturing specifications are available, our engineering department carries out the whole process following a sample or schematics.


With schematics o with your part, we manufacture special parts upon request or a series production. We manufacture parts such as cranks, jumper struts and rods (to mention just a few).

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