J. A. Cabrera 5445/53- C1414BHA - Cdad. Au. de Buenos Aires
54 11 4771-2880


Center for the re-manufacturing of crankshafts, shafts, turbines and camshafts of up to 4.20 m long x

Once an estimate of your part is made and approved, we commence the recovery service. With our documented management system we perform the following operations in a controlled manner: Crack testing, alignment and grinding control, diminishing process, addition of weld metal through the submerged arc method, rough cutting process, stress relief process, grinding process, balancing process, quality and finishing control.

Additional Services x

As a supplement to the services we render, we offer the possibility to carry out:

  • Control and milling of engine mount housing
  • Control and milling of crank housing
  • Camshaft grinding
  • Bearing supply
  • Engine semi-assembly
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